A Mindset of Healthy

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  The quick pace of life between work and family can often leave less time than desired to reach out to our community in ways other than my day to day healing at Glow.

With recent events unfolding, I felt compelled to put pen to paper metaphorically speaking and share an understanding of strength and health that is being overlooked amidst the chaos.  

We are being instructed in so many ways what to do physically with respect to Coronavirus protection and mitigation.   Wash your hands.   Avoid touching your face.  Limit attendance in large public gatherings.  Stay home if feeling unwell.   All good and necessary. 

Less in the news do we see advice on how to strengthen our ability to deal with Covid-19.   Get plenty of rest.  Stay well hydrated.   Eat immune boosting foods.   Avoid immune depressing foods.   Crank up immune supporting supplements.  Continue to exercise and get fresh air on a daily basis.  Breathe well and deeply. 

Even less talked about, is how to approach the challenges we face both mentally and emotionally.   It is common knowledge that STRESS is one of the most powerful immune suppressants known to humanity.   Many of my old blogs centered around this topic and can be accessed here.   Please take the time to read at least the first few to better understand the science of how this works. 

When we approach anything in life with a sense and energy of calmness and confidence, the best outcomes occur.   Our health is no different.   Here is my “mindset” list that I hope you take to heart:

  1. Keep things in perspective.  Focus on the dominantly mild and non-threatening nature of this virus rather than the small incidences of poor outcome.
  2. Know in your heart that your body is intelligent and designed for this stuff.  It has protected and cared for you up to this point in your life and will continue to do so.
  3. Trust that this is nature at work.  Things like this roll through every species of life on this planet at some time.  Ultimately, it’s designed to make you and our species stronger.
  4. Nurture a headspace of relaxation (both mind & body) and maintain a love and appreciation for what is good and available in your life. 

Panic and fear are not constructive or supportive of optimal human function.   Peace and confidence are.  

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Much Love and Light,

Dr. Richard Yoshimura