Immune Boosting Tip

Hi Lovely Glow Family,

Miss you already!  We are hoping that this note finds you all finding a healthy rhythm with our new daily routines and taking things in stride. The world is certainly undergoing transformation and with change sometimes comes anxieties, the fear of loss and the fear of the unknown. The more centred, objective and neutral we are, the more resilient, adaptable and malleable we become as we navigate through this time. One of the many questions I am currently receiving is what can I do today to bolster my body’s ability to handle the Coronavirus?

Anything that enhances or optimizes your immune system would be warranted and wise.  Note there are strategies that are both body AND mind oriented: 
Eating wisely
Remain hygienic
Drinking fresh water
Getting adequate rest
Getting adequate sun exposure
Balanced breathing deeply
Filling your days with high priority and productive actions
Remaining objective rather than irrational and
Identifying the many hidden upsides to any of the so-called downsides.

During challenging times it’s easy to forget that:
The challenges in life often initiate great innovations, creative solutions and ingenious actions.
There is no crisis without a blessing.
No challenge without an opportunity.
No set back without a step forward.
No experience that can’t initiate greater meaning.

It is not what happens to us that matters as much as how we respond to it. We have control over our perceptions, decisions and actions – but not all of the many events or circumstances around us. One of my older blogs is called “A Place of Peace” which I wrote just after a different tragedy years ago. You can read it by clicking here. It has more detail about the importance of maintaining peace of body and mind during challenging times.

Be well for now and stay tuned for little thoughts and tidbits about how to stay strong and healthy.  

With Your Health On Our Minds,
Dr. Richard Yoshimura & The Glow Team