It’s About the Environment

Today we are going to delve into what I believe to be the most important concept that we could can understand as it relates to our state of health and our life.


The truth is that we are creatures of adaptation.  We are designed and have the “hardware” to adapt amazingly to a very wide range of environments.

What do I mean by environment?  Thanks for asking.  We are constantly in a variety of different ones. 

Physical Environment – Hot/Cold, Moving/Sedentary, Light/Dark, Painful/Comfortable

Emotional Environment – Happy/Sad, Safe/Fearful, Loving/Hating, Grateful/Unappreciative

Chemical Environment – Non-Toxic/Toxic, Nutrient Filled/Nutrient Void

Our bodies have this incredible capacity to adapt to our environment because we have genes that help us to do so.  Our genes are the “hardware” giving us the mechanism to adapt and our environment is the “software” that influences what the genes will express.  Please read that last sentence again.  We will talk more about that in the future.

The mind-body operates in two basic modes of response to our environment. 

Mode 1:  Defense/Lack – This mode forces our body to engage survival mechanisms that lead to breakdown, disease, and lost potential over time.

Mode 2:  Safe/Sufficient – This mode engages growth, healing, and the unleashing of your potential.

In what areas of your life is your mind-body freaking out? (physical pain, stiff, fear, anger, uncertainty, lack of hydration or nutrients, poor sleep)

In what areas of your life is your mind-body totally cool? (comfortable, flexible, happy, grateful, well rested, nutrient sufficient)

We will work together through many facts, thoughts, ideas, and techniques over the weeks, months and years to come that will help you create an environment of ease for yourself and others around you.

Important Note:  Your mind-body must first have to perceive the environment.  In other words it has to know what is happening in and around it first before it can come up with any conclusion as to how to respond.

What is responsible for this ability to perceive your world?   You guessed it (I hope).   Your nervous system!  Remember in the last blog we concluded that we live the least amount of time when the nervous system stops working.   This is one reason why. 

We literally experience our life through our nervous system.

Perhaps a healthy environment for the brain is a key to the kingdom.   Hmmm….

Much Love and Respect,

Dr. Richard Yoshimura

PS – Please share this information with friends and family.  They are part of your environment too!