Optimism and Our Health

I had originally had a blog post set to go out last week that talked about living in luxury with a very specific context.  Even though my thoughts and insights would still be fitting and appropriate in light of the severe flooding in Calgary, I have chosen to bump the post on luxury to next week, and replace it with this one today.  Strength, courage, and resolve to all those folks out there that are going through difficult times.

 As we have discovered over the course of these posts, what we think, say, or do influences our bodies.  With each action, our brain sends messages to all the cells of our bodies that create essential feedback loops that carry information for wellness or disease. 

As a result, when we live our lives through a lens of optimism, we create a feedback loop that is supportive of hope, growth, strength, and optimal health.  With optimism, we envision what is possible and can confidently take the steps to make the positive things in our lives happen.

Adding being grateful for who we are and what we have, allows us to take stock of all the goodness in our lives and allows our mind and body be at peace and generate happiness even in moments of challenge and stress.

Hopefully everyone realizes that life is always teaching us lessons, therefore we can acknowledge any given moment in our lives as a temporary checkpoint in our evolutionary path.

Living with optimism supports the mind and the body to transcend the many challenges that present along that path and nurtures the positive forward movement as our evolution as a person.

This past week has been vastly a living illustration of optimism in action by the officials,  rescue personnel, and citizens of our community.

Please remember, as you speak and act optimistically about any situation, it goes well beyond the smiley face that you are projecting to others.  That sense of optimism strengthens yourself and others in a deeply profound way right down to a cellular level.

Believe in yourself, know you are strong, and maintain perspective on the big picture of life.

Much Love and Light,
Dr. Richard Yoshimura