Something to Think About

On my last blog I wrote about the fundamental needs that a plant would require for being and staying healthy.  Please refer back if you missed that one.  I promised that I would further explore the equivalents for us as human beings but I am going to ask you to think on this one.

Question 1 – How long would we survive in the absence of food? (We do have water)

Question 2 – How long would we survive in the absence of water?

Question 3 – How long would we survive in the absence of oxygen?

Obviously these are some of the human equivalents to the plants’ requirements for nutrients, water, and sun.

So let’s take a peek at the answers:

Food – We can survive for weeks or months.

Water – We can only survive for a few days.

Oxygen – We expire in minutes.

As you see, there is a bit of a hierarchy here.  If given the choice, I would certainly take oxygen over food any day if someone told me they were going to take one of these away from me.  The answers show quite clearly that these elements are  essential for the sustaining of life and there is an order of importance.

Here is my last question for you.

Question 4 – How long do we survive in the absence of nerve impulses? (Our brain stops working)

Hmmm… not many people give much thought to that one.  The answer is (insert drum role please)…. seconds!

Connecting the dots we can clearly see that the brain and nervous system run the show.  I suspect we all know this, but my little quiz is designed to illustrate some perspective.

I believe that mainstream healthcare is largely missing the boat on the fundamentals of regaining, maintaining, and optimizing health.  When you look at where the time, money, research, and treatments regarding health issues are focused, it seems as though our system feels as though lack of medications and surgical procedures is the root of our problems.   The result so far… we are sicker as a species than we have ever been and for the first time in history the latest generation of children are not expected to outlive their parents in lifespan.  Not good.

Perhaps a different approach will accomplish a different result.  Maybe a focus on the true necessities of human vitality such as healthy brains and nervous systems, proper breathing of clean air, ample hydration, nutrient rich food, less environmental toxicity, and perhaps above all, a mindset, accurate knowledge,  and a belief system that supports a lifestyle of healthy choices.

Stay tuned….we have so much to explore together.

Much Love and Respect,

Dr. Richard Yoshimura