The Loop

“There is but one temple in the universe…and that is the human body” – Thomas Carlyle

The overlying theme of my writing is to help you create and maintain health and happiness in your life…. whatever that may be for you.  

I have given happiness a lot of study and thought in my own life and have distilled it down to one key for me – peace of mind-body.  You may have noticed by now that I write “mind-body” as one word.  The reason is simple…they are inextricably inseparable elements of our life.   I have purposely left out the third intertwined component of spirit realizing that spirit means different things to different people.   If we understand and support the elements of mind-body, the element of spirit will organically fit into the triad in the way that it works for you (although it will be a topic of discussion in future posts).

Today’s topic is more specifically about connection regarding your mind-body.  In order for us to be truly healthy our mind (brain) and body need to be communicating properly with each other.   Think about those all- to-many times where you have had a lousy connection while on your phone with someone.  You couldn’t understand what they were saying.   They couldn’t understand what you were saying.  The net result was frustration, misunderstanding, and an overall stressful feeling that triggers a desire to hang up.

When your brain is trying to communicate with your body (and vice versa) there is no difference.   Interference in the communication pathways of your body creates stress and misunderstanding in the same way.  

This is the essence of your chiropractic care.   Getting connected.  Reducing the stress.  Clarifying the communication.

Do you notice that when you get adjusted, feeling physically better is only one of the things that you experience?  Sure the pain reduces or goes away, but energy improves, you feel happier, more alert, and engaged with the world around you.   You are not alone.  By removing the interference to your nervous system you are automatically creating a better connection between your brain and your body.  

When you are better connected, it allows your mind-body to better experience the inner and outer world and helps you become more adaptable to the ebb and flow of the stress and challenges of our daily lives.  If that wasn’t enough, the power and intelligence that your mind-body possesses for healing and staying healthy is maximized.

How many disconnected (subluxated) people do you know?  Why are they not getting adjusted?

There is a principle that many of you may know or have heard of somewhere in your life.  It is called Pareto’s principle, also known as the 80-20 rule.  This principle states that with many things in life, 20% of the things we do net 80% of the results that we experience.  One of my many goals is to share with you that powerful 20% that applies to your good health, happiness, and well-being.  

Chiropractic care is one of those things that fits into that fundamental 20% category.  Please share this with the masses of people out there that are sick, unhappy, and not seeing results.  They are likely spending their time, energy, and investment in the other 80%.

Next week stay tuned for something else in the 20% category…. movement.  Yes, we were made to move.

Light and Love,

Dr. Richard Yoshimura