The Mind Body Connection

To keep things simple, everything that happens in your mind has a physical representation in your brain and everything that happens in your brain correlates with what happens in your body.  Your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, and the images in your consciousness, all influence what is happening in the brain.   Your brain then responds in numerous ways and this of course, has a direct effect on our body.   It would look like this in diagram form.


Please always remember this.  Your mind, body, consciousness, social interactions, environment, and biology are all inextricably intertwined and woven together in a single process.   This is an integrated process so that by influencing one aspect of your life, you are automatically influencing everything.   This is why negative or toxic emotions such as fear, greed, anger, and doubt create stress then creating damage to your body.  This process is cyclical.  Damage to your body like pain, inflammation, poor posture, and chemical toxicity produce a feedback loop that generates fear, greed, anxiety, anger, etc.

It would look like this in diagram form.mind-body-connection-002

You may have wondered why we have such a keen interest in the function of your brain and nervous system, your posture, your heart rate, your flexibility, your sleep, just to name a few things.  You may have also wondered why the environment at Glow is loving, beautiful, and sprinkled with thoughts of inspiration, hope, and peace.  Please refer to the diagrams above to figure out purpose and influence of these details.

Love and Light,

Dr. Richard  Yoshimura