The Secret is Out

“The most important things in life aren’t things” – Anthony D’Angelo

You may or may not have realized that over the last 6 weeks I have shared with you the most powerful secrets known to humankind relating to health, healing, and overall living a great life.

Here is a quick review:

1 – Your Brain/Mind runs everything.

2 – Your environment (internal and external) gives your Brain/Mind all the cues as to how to run everything.

3 – An environment of safety/sufficiency/peace = healing/growth/rejuvenation.

4 – An environment of fear/toxicity/lack = destruction/breakdown/survival.

Truth is, this is no secret.  It is simple and known physiology, neuroscience, and biology.  Knowingly or not, healing arts from around the world have been successfully tapping into these basics of life for centuries.

The sad truth is, these concepts of healing and wellbeing may as well be a secret.  We live in a world where the next new drug, a revolutionary surgery, or a breakthrough diet has been touted as the answers to our physical and emotional challenges of life.   In the words of Dr. Phil “How’s that working for us so far?”

The strange thing is, that when understood and applied, honoring the above mentioned principles could keep millions of people healthier and happier at little or no cost.   Hmmm….wait a minute….maybe that is why it is a secret.

To be honest, with the environment we have created for ourselves these days, it does cost something to stay healthy.  Keeping our bodies maintained and in balance is an investment.  Paying extra for organic and less toxic food is an investment.  Taking time for vacation to rest and recover is an investment.   Continuing to learn and improve your self is an investment.

Investments that pay back huge dividends in the short and long run…I think so.

This week’s blog is short and sweet because I wanted to underscore the principles we have discovered so far.  Next week, we will discover (actually I hope it is review for you) one of the key players in the Mind-Body connection.

In the meantime, I came across a short video that I thought would be cool to share with you on the concept of living in the moment that we touched upon last week.

Until next week, be well, breath deeply, take care of and honor yourself.

Dedicated to Being a Positive Influence on the World,

Dr. Richard Yoshimura