The True Nature of Health

The True Nature of Health

What does perfect health look like for you in your life?   Is it OK to be sick once in a while or can we always be well?  Do we have to grow old?  These are all important questions as our expectations and our possibilities that we hold for ourselves play a huge role in our actions and outcomes in any aspect of our lives.

I think it is safe to say that we all age and will someday physically die.  Peace of mind and acceptance on this realm I believe is both healthy and liberating.

Where we all have a large degree of control and influence is HOW we get there.   Do we make the choices that lead to a journey laden with sickness, poor energy, fear, dependence, and regret?  OR  Do we make choices that lead to a voyage brimming with vitality, courage, contribution, and significance?

Our mind and body is fully capable of either possibility.

I know we have been led to believe that our health and aging is something that has been genetically predetermined…a matter of luck…something out of our direct control.

This concept or theory is being proved by science (and common sense) to be far from the truth.

The truth is, with very small exception; we are all genetically wired for greatness in all areas in our life, health included.  In fact, we are not just wired for it; it is the default.  This means that if given the opportunity, without resistance, our minds and our bodies will naturally move toward health on their own.

Isn’t that cool and comforting?

The fact is; all we need is the right ENVIRONMENT to let our true nature express itself.  I will write a lot on this in the future but in a nutshell, it means that balance in mind, in body and in spirit creates the ideal peaceful environment for us to flourish.

Here is my example from nature:

Let’s take a plant.  What does a plant need to live well?   Perhaps you are thinking water, sunshine, and nutrients.   If a plant has these things will it grow and thrive?  Really?  Can the plant survive without enough water? Can the plant survive with too much water?  How about too much or too little sunshine and nutrients?

My point is simple.  The plant will express its natural tendency to grow and thrive when it has amounts of these elements that are in BALANCE with its genetic needs.

Too much equals stress to the plant and decline.

Too little equals stress to the plant and decline.

We are no different.

Please stay in tune as my blog posts to come will explore the “water, sun, and nutrients” that we as human beings need to provide the peace, harmony, balance, and expression of life that we all have within us.

Love and Light,

Dr. Richard Yoshimura