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Our protocols and procedures at the clinic are different at this time as we are under strict guidelines from the government to maintain the highest level of safety for all of our staff and all of the patients under our care. All patients are required to be aware of and answer prescreening questions required by the government before we can admit you for care. If you are unable to meet the requirements of the prescreening, we cannot admit you for care at the clinic at this time and it is recommended you self-isolate and call HealthLink 811. The latest Mask Mandate Bylaw from the city of Calgary requires that all patients wear a mask in the clinic; if you arrive without a mask we can supply one to you. We have protocols for how many patients we are allowed to have in the office at one time to maintain safety; after you check-in if we cannot accommodate space for you you may have to wait outside. For this reason, we ask all patients to arrive as close to their scheduled time as possible. All required social distancing and sanitation procedures are in place. Thanks for your understanding.

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