Our Chiropractic Assistants


Chiropractic care has had a huge impact on my life. For years I suffered from migraines, dizziness, and bad posture. Although my mom, dad, and brother had been receiving chiropractic care for years, I still resisted until my headaches were drastically affecting my everyday life. It was time for me to become a patient at Glow Health and Vitality! My headaches and dizziness are much improved and I am on the road to wellness! A few months after starting as a Practice Member, I was given a wonderful opportunity to join the Glow Team and have not looked back since. I am now a Chiropractic Assistant!

I love helping others and have always been drawn to environments that give me this opportunity. It is amazing to see the impact chiropractic care has on people. I feel inspired everyday to be better and to help more people. The Team at Glow is truly amazing, I am so proud to be able to work with such great people.

Outside of work, I enjoy having fun and spending time with my family, friends, and 2 dogs. I like to read and love summer nights. As well, in the summer I like to visit Kelowna to enjoy the mountains and relax on the beach.


I started as a Chiropractic Assistant in 2014 and it was the best career decision I ever made. Everyday I get to see people change in a positive way and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. My goal is always to have someone leave here better than when they arrived. The team at Glow are experts at this! I’ve always had an interest in anatomy and feel like Chiropractic has afforded me the opportunity to learn so much more about the body and the positive effects of a natural approach to medicine.

I love seeing a great film at the cinema, winter walks and a good book. I’m also a bit of a video game addict and enjoy drawing on my free time. Check out my online portfolio!