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Mary Anne, 57
Dr. Heather Pritchard: I was born with a hip defect and have suffered with pain in my hip and lower back my entire life, that is until I met Dr. Heather.  In the past, I always used Physiotherapists because that was always what was recommended to me and I was afraid to use a Chiropractor because of what people say about them.   I now wish I had tried a Chiropractor 40 years ago.  Dr. Heather has done so much for me in two years!   The first day I actually had, “no pain” is a day I will never forget and it is all thanks to Dr. Heather.  I LOVE Dr. Heather, she is better than family.

I remember the first day I walked through the doors to meet Dr. Heather.  I was beyond nervous.  The staff at Glow have ALWAYS made me feel comfortable and at home in their family.   I have never seen a group of professionals that work so well together.  The atmosphere is ALWAYS so positive and uplifting.  The ladies at the front are ALWAYS helpful, accommodating, friendly and just a joy to be around.  I recommend Glow Health and Vitality to everyone I know. 

Suzanne, 35
Dr. Heather Pritchard: I have been under the care of various Chiropractors since 2001, so I am quite familiar with the process and health benefits of chiropractic care. Meeting Dr. Heather Pritchard, however, was a game changer. Dr. Pritchard was the 7th Chiropractic Doctor that I tried after moving to Calgary. I came to her out of desperation. After ligament reconstruction and meniscal repair on my knee, I was in bad shape and experiencing a painfully slow recovery. The physiotherapy exercises, chiropractic are and massage therapy I was under were simply not effective enough. Dr. Pritchard approached my situation from an entirely different angle. She focused on how my feet and ankles were working (or not working) as well as the muscular structure around my knee and hip joints. She helped me to relax and loosen the muscles, allowing my knee more movement and causing all the other exercises to be much more effective.

The amount of ‘homework’ that Dr. Pritchard tasked me with seemed like a lot, but she took the time, each and every appointment to explain what we were doing and why. She helped me to focus on the movements that would have the greatest impact on my recovery. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Heather Pritchard as she has changed my opinion of my surgery, it was a good decision after all! Now I can move freely, I am back to enjoying the sports that I love and am relying on the strength and stability of my body, repaired knee included. I’m not sure that I would have made such progress without her support. My visits to Dr. Pritchard are now about maintenance and continued improvement. I cannot thank her enough for her care, patience and attention to detail.

Liz, 67
My search for a chiropractor, for a very inflexible back, began years ago. When mentioning it to my acupuncturist he recommended the team at Glow. What a great experience it was to be totally tested with state-of-the-art equipment and advised of the test results before treatment. The remarkable results not just improved my flexibility but also my posture, breathing, and concentration. I have decided to have regular treatments to maintain a healthy nervous system and life style. The team at Glow Health & Vitality is very helpful. I recommend their approach to healthy living.

Dan, 48
I was convinced by a trusted friend to try Activator Chiropractic after suffering from recurring lower back pain, as building my house exerts various stresses on my body. It’s been obvious to me since my first visit/consultation how caring and nurturing all of the staff at Glow Health & Vitality are. I used to think of Chiropractic as just dealing with the spine, but I am amazed that they diagnose and treat all aspects of my skeletal and nervous system, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I am living proof that there is a link between spinal subluxations and proper internal organ functioning. As a side benefit of curing the cause of my back problems, my previous digestive anomalies disappeared. It was explained to me that the subluxation caused improper electrical signals from my nervous system to my internal organs, removing the subluxation allowed my digestive system to work better. They definitely embody the philosophy of treating the mind, body, and spirit.

Alexis, 53
Glow Health & Vitality came highly recommended, and since my posture hadn’t completely improved with previous Chiropractors, I wanted to know why Glow was so special. I learned so much from the first consultation that I knew I had found the right place. Of course my posture improved, but long standing aches and pains were eliminated as well! The Assistants always welcome me with compassion and the Doctors always share their wealth of knowledge about the body as well as nutrition and exercise. Everything I’ve learned has made being healthy easier and less complicated. I tell everyone that Glow is one of my secrets to staying healthy and youthful.

Bob, 48
What initially brought me to chiropractic care was my search to find a non-surgical method to help alleviate the arthritic pain I was experiencing from my low back to my neck. The pain was making it difficult to sit and stand. Ultimately it was difficult to work and to get proper rest at night. My new patient experience was very good. Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly, helpful staff. The Doctors were very understanding and informative in the role that each of us would be involved in my recovery. After making chiropractic care a part of my life, it has contributed greatly to my recovery and my ability to enjoy most of the activities that I enjoyed before being slowed down by back pain. Other things that I noticed improved with chiropractic care was increased energy levels, increased balanced and more restful sleeps. I am also very impressed at how much more aware I have become of my body and how it functions, enabling me to identify imbalances in the system that need realignment before it becomes an issue that will require substantially longer to heal.

I would highly recommend Glow Health & Vitality to anyone that is looking for exceptional doctor/patient care from their chiropractor!

Jenn, 22
I have always gone to a chiropractor. However, in high school I started having problems with my lower back. Because I play competitive soccer, it got worse and worse until I was experiencing shooting pains while walking and my low back would lock up if I was in any position for too long. I couldn’t play soccer or even stand up straight without pain, and I was only 16 years old! The first time I went to Glow, Dr. Richard told me that I was holding my neck forward and my hips were uneven. In short, I was a mess! I immediately started care and within a month I was walking properly and playing soccer again. I now go to Glow regularly and they help me with sprained ankles, colds, shin splints, headaches, and stress. The massage therapists at Glow work closely with the doctors to help me through my numerous injuries. I know that if I didn’t find Glow, I would have had to stop soccer years ago. My whole family now goes to Glow as well as a lot of girls from my SAIT soccer team. All of us go for different reasons, but the team at Glow Health & Vitality truly cares about us all.