Meet Your Pilates Instructor, Calgary!

Elina Viola

Elina is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor with movement coaching background covering over 20 years of experience. Her focus with Pilates clients is to move them out of pain, correct their movement patterning, create strength and enhance life long fluid mobility.

She has enriched her Pilates knowledge with other studies that include:

AiM (Anatomy in Motion)
NKT (neuro-kinetic therapy)
Power Align (structural and energetic anatomy & bio-mechanics)

Elina is one of our trusted wellness providers. Visit her website for more info.


Her studio “Viola Pilates by Design” is located near Glow health & vitality.

323 – 10th Ave. S.W. Suite 407

 By appointment only: please call 403-617-8608