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Recommended exercises should be done as instructed. Exercises should NOT hurt! If they hurt, stop and let your doctor know

Biceps & Shoulder Release

Are you having any difficulties with your shoulders, elbows, and posture? Learn a quick and straightforward movement for your bicep that can take care of those troubles. 

Glowing Posture Exercise

This exercise will improve your posture and mobility in the neck and shoulders and increase your energy level. 

Tennis Ball Magic, Relief For Those Tight Muscles

Are you looking to improve your posture, this exercise is just for you. YWTL, imitate these three letters and hold those positions for better posture and energy.

YWTL Exercise For Better Posture

Are you looking to improve your posture, this exercise is just for you. YWTL, imitate these three letters and hold those positions for better posture and energy.

Happy Hip Flexors, Stretches For The Hips

Tight hips? Hip flexors are extremely important for your hips. Stretch and lengthen your hip flexors to take as much compression from your low back as possible and allow your hips to function as best as they can. 

Taking Care of Yourself, Why?

A lot of people think that spending time, and money, on yourself and your health is selfish. But if you can’t help yourself first, you can’t help people around you. 

The Crazy Cycle, Why Body Pain Sometimes Won’t Go Away

There are 3 fundamental aspects of human life we need to understand: muscle and soft tissue, structure, and nerves.

Dr. Richard explains, how all three are important to treat pain. 

Brief Denneroll Instructional Video

The Denneroll. This Spinal Orthotic is VITAL to your care and your overall progress. This video is a brief instruction on how to use the Denneroll effectively so you can maximize your progress and get the most benefit.

Quad Stretch

A stretching program for your quads is a great way to improve flexibility in this muscle group. Your physical therapist can assess your specific condition and offer you strategies to stretch your quads.

Founder Exercises

One of the incredibly efficient and effective exercises we like to use is the founder exercise.


Elbow Curls

4 outstanding exercises that You can do anywhere, anytime, for better and stronger physiology.

Seated Piriformis Stretch

You can do this simple butt stretch anytime you’re sitting to relieve glute and hip tightness.


Psoas (Hip Flexor) Stretch

This stretch is commonly done wrong. Without controlling the position of the pelvis, it often leads to reduced stretch, increased lower back stress, and lack of results.

Hip Traction

Take care of that hip.




Hip Traction

For further information on how to improve your health through proper posture, check out our introduction to posture and tips for a good posture pages. Glow Health & Vitality offers postural correction services as part of our goal to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Cat And Cow Stretch

How to perform the cat and camel exercise to as part of the spinal exercises video series. These exercises should only be performed once assessed and prescribed by your physiotherapist.

Upper Back YWTL Exercises

Activate your upper back and lower neck musculature with this quick 1 minute routine.



Static Back Pullovers

Here are three exercises you can use if you are suffering from low back pain.

Brugger Posture Exercises

Exercises to help improve overell posture.

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