Each of our practitioners has mastered unique skills in helping you discover what is wrong, provide relief, and help you regain your health.

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It all starts here.


Most of us have asked ourselves these questions….sometimes too often. At Glow, we understand where you are coming from. We have dedicated our knowledge, skills, and services to help you every step of the way.

Step 1 – Gain relief and get you back in action
Step 2 – Stabilize the problem so that it does not come back
Step 3 – Provide you with the knowledge and support to keep you healthy

How many steps you would like to take with us is always up to you.
Our key approach to your health is simple: Your brain and nervous system control everything.
When they work right, you work right.
When they don’t, our health and how we feel suffers.

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Levels of Care

At Glow, you are the boss and the level of care you choose will be honoured and respected by all of us.  It is always up to you.  We are happy to be of service at any level and we look forward to helping.

Read about the Levels of Chiropractic Care, so you can better understand the general stages of the healing process and how the practitioners at Glow Health & Vitality can help you be your best!