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Levels of Chiropractic Care

Relief Care (Help Me Feel Better Again/Release My Sick Pattern)

“I want to feel better with the least amount of my time and money”

Who doesn’t want this?  The chiropractic team will do an amazing and thorough exam to determine exactly what is going on and why.  From there, we will get on the job to help you feel relief as quickly as possible and get you back into the game of life.

Corrective Care (Fix the Problem/Rebuild My Health)

“I want to retrain my body to remove old damaging patterns and prevent re-occurrence of pain”

This part is like putting the braces on the teeth.  It takes more time and commitment yet gives you a body that will have the best chance of staying strong and healthy for the long term.

Maintenance/Prevention Care (Keep Your Health and Early Detection/Revitalize My Life)

“I want to preserve the progress that I have made”

Like brushing your teeth daily or taking your car in for its regular tune ups, we figure out how often you need a “tune up” to keep you working at your best in the midst of all the stressors that life throws at us.

Optimization (Being Your Best)

“My top performance matters”

It is rare to find top achievers in the world of athletics, arts and entertainment, and business who are not under chiropractic care on a regular basis.   Simply put, we experience our lives through our nervous system which is why optimizing the function of our spine and nervous system is a key to becoming all we can be.

At Glow Health & Vitality, you are the boss and the level of care you choose will be honoured and respected.  It is always up to you.  We are happy to be of service at any level and we look forward to helping.

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