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Our very own Michaella speaks to a popular treatment that she offers, Reflexology:

Our feet do so much for us. Being the furthest from the heart, the circulation in the feet tends to stagnate from too much sitting or standing. They keep us grounded and upright, they bear our weight, they can take on our tension and they enclose themselves in socks and footwear to take us to hidden beautiful, unusual, fun, and magical places where vehicles would never dream of going.

What once started as an ancient art used to promote good health has evolved over time to become what is known today as Reflexology.

With Reflexology, like Acupuncture, energy is constantly flowing through our body in zones, or meridians, from the head to the toes and/or vice versa. In the case of Reflexology, there are ten energy zones: 

  • five being on each side of the body, running down the length of the body 
  • and down the arms to the fingertips 
  • all starting from the head and ending in the big toes. 

These energy zones encompass organs and parts of the body that are reflected in certain areas of our feet. When thumb and finger pressure is applied, the nervous system calms, the effects of stress and anxiety lessen, pain is reduced, and the body goes into a natural state of healing. 

The sensory nerve endings in our feet make them very sensitive and most responsive to touch compared to our hands. Reflexology restores your sense of balance. Make today your day to connect deeper through your feet with a Reflexology treatment.

As on add-on to your Reflexology, compliment it with Acupuncture for relief from tight calf muscles, ankle sprains and strains, Achilles tendon injury and plantar fasciitis.



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